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General Questions

What are your opening hours

Our official opening hours are from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Saturday.
If you need an additional hour, please contact our tenant relationship officer

Can I stop to visit your place or do I need to book in advance

We encourage our guests to register with us before visiting. This ensures our staff are well informed to answer your questions and will be commit fully to assist you during your visit.

Submit a book a tour with us to schedule your visit

Is a coworking space just an exclusive coffee shop

Unless your coffee shop offers private meeting rooms with well-equipped presentation equipment, an extensive list of business amenities and personal office, then the answer is no.

Replace noisy patrons, shaky tables, un-standard chair with comfortable seating, amazing design, printing services and mailboxes to enhance productivity. And to worry, you won’t be short of caffeine.

Is coworking a solution for my business

Absolutely, Coworking is forward thinking working environment. In an ever-changing dynamic business landscape, it is important to be flexible, that is why coworking is absolute solution for business whether to scale up or down. Cradle coworking is designed to casual yet professional, making your clients feel impressed and driving your creativity to the next level.

Can I use coworking when I am not a members

This depends on the coworking provider, but most coworking spaces provide a daily option for guests. Cradle Space offers Day Passes for just Rp 70,000 per person. Your Day Pass allows you full, all-day access to Cradle’s innovative work environments and business class WiFi.

Why pay for a coworking membership when I can work from home or a coffee shop for free?

While working from home or a coffee shop may not come at a financial expense, it can come at the expense of your business. It’s difficult to work productively when faced with daily home factors and noisy coffee shops that interfere with your concentration, focus and performance. For a deeper look at why hybrid work-home environments are difficult to manage successfully, here are the top three reasons working from home doesn’t work.

Payment Methods

I am ready to sign up, what are my payments options

We are glad you make the right decision, we allow bank transfer, credit card payment and internet banking. Due to covid-19 we restrict cash payment

Is there a security deposit or set up fee required to secure a dedicated desk or private office?

For dedicated desks, we require a security deposit equal to one month of your monthly membership fee. For private offices, we require a security deposit equal to one month of your monthly fee. The security deposit is refundable at the end of the tenure.

Does CradleSpace charge late fees?

While we do not  charge late fees, we do conclude late payments as breaking maturity and therefore there is a deposit charge

Our Plans

What membership do we offer !

Share Desk

A share desk is flexible use desk within the shared workspace area. This membership includes shared desk spaces, access to secure keyless access, to the paid meeting room, locker, and free self-service scanning area. It is suitable for freelancer or business owners who just started who needs flexibility

Dedicated Desk

A dedicated desk is a permanently assigned desk located within the shared workspace area. This membership also includes the features in the share desk, and additionally includes storage area, a cabinet for filing and can be left overnight. This membership also includes the features in the share desk. It is suitable for those who has started for a while and in transition to scaling

Group Dedicated

Group dedicated is a cheaper version of private office, it is a dedicated desk for more than one person.  This membership includes everything in the dedicated and shared desk. It is suitable for those who work in group and needs a private area.

Private Office

A private office is a fully enclosed, secure office space with the added flexibility of increasing or decreasing capacity as your needs change. This membership plan includes secure 24/7 keycard access, free Wi-Fi and refreshments, free scanning, an allocation of free printing and an allocation of free meeting room usage

Does my membership need to start at the first of the month.

No, our flexible plans starts on the day you sign up.

Can guests visit me in my workplace?

Our share desk, group desk dedicated desk are welcomed to bring guest for meeting room usage, touring or any temporary purposes. However if the guests would like to use our space for work, we do require them to purchase one day pass or sign up for our monthly

I need additional members for my team, how do I add?

You could ask our hub manager or any of the staff for help, they would be more than happy to help.

When do I have to let Cradle team know when I am moving out.

You are advised to let us know in a month prior to moving out. Share desk members can cancel anytime.

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