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Luwak Room

IDR 65K/ pax

3 – 4 persons / 4 Hours

*min. book 3 pax

Papua Room

IDR 45K / pax

12 – 15 persons / 4 Hours

*min. book 12 pax

Runggu Room

IDR 45K / pax

12 – 25 persons / 4 Hours

*min. book 12 pax

Sumatera Room

IDR 45K / pax

30 – 80 persons / 4 Hours

*min. book 30 pax



Our meeting and event spaces are meticulously designed for your needs and are located in strategic easy-to-access locations, for your convenience. They are open for both members and non-members. We’ve tailored the spaces to the requirements of any sizes, and also made sure that substance does not outweigh the style. That is, meaning that our meeting spaces are as beautiful as it is contemporary to enlighten and inspire your productivity.



Our meeting rooms can fit from as little as 5 people to a whopping group of 16. We’ve fitted our meeting rooms with state-of-the-art equipments, starting from the boards to the Chromecast-enabled projectors. Did we also mention that our meeting rooms have lightning-fast WiFi?

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Every plan provides you the necessary boost to take your business to the new level. You’ll get instant access to our network of members no matter where you are, paving the way to numerous new business opportunities.

 ruangan meeting di cradle sangat nyaman dan cozy, jadi cocok banget untuk pertemuan

Liza Zhang

Co Founder, SMLone

Our organization, The Toastmasters International has regular meetings every week, and we have been in Cradle Coworking Space since it was first opened until now. We like its cozy atmosphere and how the rooms are decorated.


Suharjo Setio

Division H Director, Toastmasters International

Pelayanan ramah, tempat bersih dan tersusun rapih sehingga sangat cocok dijadikan tempat meeting, kantor dan acara-acara pertemuan 👌

Berkembang terus cradle

Edi Limin



Jl. Iskandar Muda No.127, Sei Sikambing D, Kec. Medan Petisah, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20111.

(061) 4521515

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